About CRCA

The Coquelin Run Citizens Association (CRCA) is the local community association for the residential area of Chevy Chase, MD that runs primarily along Jones Mill Road (between Park View Road and East West Highway) and Jones Bridge Road (between Jones Mill Road and Manor Road). This area, which is largely nestled against Rock Creek Park and the Capital Crescent Trail, consists of over 500 hundred homes. Click here for a complete list of streets.

CRCA is named after Coquelin Run, a spring-fed stream that runs through our community under Jones Mill Road and feeds into Rock Creek.

CRCA works to make sure residents of the community stay informed of all the issues affecting our community, and to provide a collective voice, in an effort to preserve and enhance our community's quality of life. CRCA also works to build a stronger sense of community by organizing and participating in social events and community events. CRCA provides pertinent information to its membership and the community through a periodic newsletter, email announcements and this website.

Like many of the civic associations throughout Montgomery County, CRCA is a voluntary tax exempt organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland. CRCA meetings are held at least quarterly. Everyone is welcome to come to CRCA meetings and get involved in the issues affecting our community. Together as a community, we address the issues that directly impact our quality of life, such as schools, traffic, safety, nearby development and zoning, and the local environment.

For a copy of CRCA's By-Laws, click here.

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